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About BFA

Business For All (BFA) provides business training and advisory services, specifically designed for Micro and Small Medium Enterprises.

BFA is a 4 level course that meets the needs of the trainee, whatever their business: experience, education and training requirements. Throughout the 4 levels (of 10 modules each) there are 10 common themes
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Business Opportunity

Have you completed the BFA training course and spotted an opportunity to offer BFA training in your community or country? If the answer is yes, and you want to become a certified BFA business trainer, there are two options.

  • Become a franchise owner
  • Become a BFA trainer
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Empower people around the world with business training. Banks and Micro Finance Institutions want to give out loans but will only give a loan to someone with a financially viable & sustainable business plan.
Writing that business plan though is the tough part for entrepreneurs and this is where you can help. Assist someone to do a BFA training course with a guaranteed output of a business plan.
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